Capucine De Wulf Monique Stacking Ring Set - Gold


Inspired by my grandmother Monique De Wulf, a true Grande Dame de Paris, who expertly knows how to infuse exquisite taste into everyday style with joie de vivre - this modern motif is just the right amount of bold and chic to subtly make a statement. The stacking set symbolizes the peaks and valleys of life’s myriad journeys, with the center band as a reminder to stay serene and balanced within. Never boring, mix and match them on various fingers and constantly change their placements for fun.

18K Flash Gold Plated Brass


Measures: 2 x 0.2 x 0.3 inches


Set of 3


As each piece is entirely made by hand with natural materials, they will all vary slightly and carry the soulful imperfections of the artisan who made it.

Always avoid contact with water, lotion, perfume, chemicals, perspiration, and make-up as these can alter the jewelry finish.

ZMR77/710 Size 7

ZMR78/710 Size 8

ZMR79/710 Size 9

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