BuDahGirl Silver All Weather Bangles-Serenity Prayer


Fantastic orbs that are waterproof, soundless, weightless, TSA proof...life perfect. Made with medical-grade polyvinyl-carbonate tubing that is hand-filled with gold leaf.

Handcrafted in Thailand with over 20 artisans touching each bangle. The creation of All Weather Bangles alone employs an entire village.

The bangles can be compromised by certain products like self-tanners or fixatives that change the color of the plastic. If fragrances or creams are in contact with the bangles, we suggest a quick rinse.

Also, keep in mind the bangles are made of flexible tubing, so they may become slightly warped, even in shipping. This condition is quickly fixed by running hot tap water on the bangle and drying it using circular motions to reshape the orb.

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